A dangerous ‘AI worm’ that can wipe out your bank account in an instant

The digital world is expanding rapidly. A vivid example of that is artificial intelligence tools that have emerged recently. After the discussion of ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot etc., AI has taken a new form.

We are at Serofero, a platform powered by artificial intelligence. Who can solve all our problems in a moment. You can make your work easier with the help of AI and also use it in study research. If you are a programmer and have to write code, thousands of lines of code will be prepared instantly by AI. With the help of AI, it has become possible to do things faster.

As our dependence on AI has increased, it has also brought to the fore many dangers. The latest example is ‘AI Worm’ i.e. AI virus. This is an AI hacker that can steal sensitive data by breaking security walls using generative AI systems.

According to a report published in Wired, researchers from Cornell University, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Intuit have prepared malware named ‘Morris II’. It is claimed to be the first generative AI worm. It is said that it can steal data and introduce itself to various systems.

This new worm is named after Morris, the first internet worm published in 1988. According to researchers, it can detect security vulnerabilities in popular AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini. “This means you now have the ability to launch cyberattacks that have never been seen before,” said researcher Ben Nessi.

However, this AI malware was developed in an environment that was completely under the control of the researchers. This kind of malware has not yet appeared in the real world.

Cyber security researchers are aware of the risk that this new type of malware could be used to steal data or send AI-powered spam to billions of people’s emails. Researchers have warned developers and technology companies to address potential risks from such malware.

How does an AI worm work?

Morris II is malware similar to a sneaky computer worm. Its main task is to use AI to subvert the email assistant.

First of all, Morris II adopts a method called ‘adversarial self replication’. It sends a flood of messages to the email system. It means that the system slows down by forwarding the message forward. This puts the email assistant in a dilemma. When that happens, it eventually steals sensitive data and infects the system with malware.

According to researchers, Morris II attacks in two ways. This malware attacks on the basis of one word and another image. It hides a prompt inside the email to attack the wording. It attacks the email assistant’s security system. Similarly, it adds secret prompts to the photos to attack them. When this happens, the worm spreads rapidly in the system. Basically, Morris II is a sneaky computer worm that uses AI to subvert or subvert email systems.

This worm can detect sensitive information like name, phone number, credit card number and other details and other security numbers by entering without any system security knowing. Due to this, the user’s bank account can be empty in a moment.

So how to be safe from this? This AI worm is a new concept malware. So far no one has brought it into reality and used it. However, researchers have requested the technology companies to be alert on this matter in time.

For this, the analyst has suggested to make the security design of the system standard and timely. Similarly, since there is a risk that AI can make decisions and bring results, developers should be protected and AI should be regulated.

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