Do you have to pay for Google search now?

For the last few days, there have been reports of charges being charged for doing some searches on Google on social media. In particular, it is claimed that if you search for any information on Google, you have to pay a fee for it. But, does the user have to pay a fee when searching? What is the new feature? Today we are discussing this topic:

According to the Financial Times, Google is about to introduce a premium feature in the search tool. Users will have to pay a fee especially for those features that are powered by AI. It is said to be the biggest step taken by Google in its search engine business.

Google’s main business is advertising on the search engine. It is said that the company may introduce premium features in it and make users have to pay a fee. The Financial Times has mentioned that the company is still struggling to bring a new model to replace the advertising business that the company was operating earlier.

Especially after the emergence of ChatGPT, the company’s advertising business is in a state of collapse. It is said that the company is giving more priority to AI instead.

Even earlier, Google has included Gemini AI in its other products like Docs and Gmail. Premium users of Google can use that feature.

It is not clear when the company will bring this premium feature. However, it is said that it may take a few more years. Therefore, it is not necessary for the user to pay a fee for searching.

You may have to pay a fee for the AI features available in it. However, it is not yet clear what the premium feature of the search will be for which the user has to pay a fee.

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