Files up to 100 MB can now be sent through Messenger

It is now possible to send files up to 100 MB on Messenger. The company published a blog and informed that the feature that can send files up to 100 MB has started.

Along with this, it will now be possible to transfer files of different formats (100 MB) from Messenger. Previously, there was no facility to send files in formats such as Word, PDF, PPTX, Excel from the Messenger app. Such files could be sent from the desktop version.

To send such files from Messenger, first select the chat of the person you want to send the file to. And tap on the four dots on the side. And go to the ‘Files’ option.

After that, select the file you want to send. When you select a file, the file will go to the messenger of the person you want.

Another messaging app owned by Meta, ‘Whatsapp’, can send files up to 2 GB, including photos, videos, Word, Excel, PPTX, PDF, etc.

In this way, if you select the file option and send photos and videos as documents, their quality will not decrease. And the metadata is also protected.

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