How to use Gemini AI well? This is the ‘prompting guide’ published by Google

Although Google’s Gemini AI looks like a chatbot, to use it well, you need to know how to craft prompts effectively. Not everyone is an expert in this field. Therefore, Google has recently published a 45-page handbook as a crash course to help with this matter.

Named “Prompting Guide 101”, this manual is specially designed to assist professional users in using Gemini. Although it is designed with Google Workspace in mind, the tips given in it can help even the average user.

This guide focuses on a few professions including executives, entrepreneurs, human resources, customer service, marketing, project management and sales. This handbook discusses four criteria to consider as you think about preparing your prompts.

  • Persona: Who you are
  • Task: What you want the AI to do (summarize, change tone, etc.)
  • Context: Give a detailed description.
  • Format: bullet points, character limit, etc.

Here below you can see that the prompt contains four details:

How to use Gemini AI well? This is the 'prompting guide' published by Google

This handbook states that prompts should be written naturally “in complete sentences.” It has also advised to follow up with follow-up prompts on any results obtained.

According to the company, “the most successful prompts average about 21 words.” Finally, it cautioned users to review the results to ensure “clarity, relevance and truthfulness”.

Some additional tips for the user are also given at the end of the manual:

  • Split: If you want different tasks to be completed by Gemini AI in the workspace, split them into separate prompts.
  • Set a limit: Include details such as the number of characters or the number of options you want in your prompt to produce a certain result.
  • Assign Responsibilities: Assign responsibilities to promote creativity. For this, you can start your prompt with language like “You are the head of the creative department of a large advertising agency…”
  • Request feedback: In a conversation with Gemini at, tell them you’re giving them a project, include all the details you have and what you know, and describe what you want as a result. “What questions do you have for me to help me deliver better results?” Continue the conversation with questions like
  • Consider Tone: Tailor your prompts to suit your target audience and explain the desired tone for the content.
  • Tell them another way: fine-tune your prompt if it doesn’t meet your expectations or has room for improvement. Reviewing and refining will certainly yield better results.

This is just a brief overview of what is covered in the Prompting Guide Handbook. You can download the guide by clicking here and see all the contents in it yourself.

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