Sporting Year 2080: Rain of History and Records

In the year 2080, when cricket became popular, Nepali sports achieved success and achievements in various international competitions from the 19th Asian Games (Asiad).

Nepal started from 2080 Baisakh 5 by winning the title of ACC Premier Cup and qualifying for the Asia Cup. On the last day of the year i.e. today 30 Chait, Nepal is starting another edition of the Premier Cup in Oman with the aim of qualifying for the Asia Cup and defending the title. Nepal will play against Malaysia.

Meanwhile, there were many activities in Nepali sports. It was a year of ups and downs. He was equally active on and off the field.

In cricket, the men’s senior team qualified for the T20 World Cup. The U-19 team played the U-19 Cricket World Cup after 8 years. If we leave this success of the group game, then in the year 2080, the women’s players were overshadowed.

As female athletes became dominant, Nepal won many medals and achievements from female athletes. Be it Erica’s historic silver in the 19th Asiad or the bronze medal of the 4th Paralympic Asian Games won by Palesha and the ultra tail race title won by Rashila Tamang and Sunmaya Budha, Santoshi Shrestha won gold on her debut in the international marathon. Similarly, Ruveena Chhetri became the first Nepali player to score a century in international women’s cricket.

Not only this, the women’s football team also became runners-up in the WAF Women’s Championship in the group games. The women’s volleyball team finished third in the Kava Women’s Challenge Cup held at the home court. After the women’s cricket team stopped in the semi-finals of the ACC Women’s Premier Cup, they got an opportunity to play in the Asia Cup later.

Similarly, the women’s kabaddi team, which participated in Asiad for the first time, also won a historic bronze medal.

Similarly, Nepal also achieved achievements in adventure sports. Nepal won gold and bronze in the Asian Rafting Championship held in India.

Achievements in cricket

In the year 2080, cricket achieved remarkable success. Nepal made it to the T20 World Cup for the first time since 2014 by reaching the final of the ICC T20 World Cup Asia Qualifier held at home.

Before that, Nepal, who qualified for the Asia Cup by winning the title of the ACC Premier Cup at home in Baisakh, made a historic performance against big teams like India and Pakistan.

Similarly, in the Asian Games, Nepal made a record of fastest century and half-century in a single match of T20I, scoring the most runs in a single match and winning by a wide margin.

In the age group, Nepal’s U-19 team played the U-19 World Cup in South Africa after 8 years. In the new cycle of ICC World Cup League Two, Nepal’s performance was weak. Nepal could only win one out of four games in League Two, which started from the home ground.

Erica’s historic silver and 19th Asiad

Erica Gurung of karate won a historic silver medal at the 19th Asiad held in Hangzhou, China in October. She became the first athlete in 25 years to win a silver medal at the Asiad in the individual event. Earlier in 1998, Taekwondo’s Savita Rajbhandari won silver.

Erica, who played Asiad for the first time, defeated even the world number one players. She was defeated in the final. Before Asiad, Erica also won gold at the World Shitorio Championship in Indonesia. At the end of the year, she won silver in the senior category and gold in the junior category at the US Open International Karate Championship held in America.

In the 19th Asiad, Nepal’s kabaddi team won a historic bronze medal. The kabaddi team, which played Asiad for the first time, reached the semi-finals and won bronze.

Apart from winning a medal in the 19th Asiad, Nepali also set records in some sports. In athletics, Deepak Adhikari set a new national record in men’s 10,000 meters. Similarly, the weightlifting player Sagar Bhandari Vishalsingh Bista made a record in Nepali weightlifting history by carrying more than 300 kg weight.

Slisha Bhandari of shooting also set a new national record. In athletics, Deepak won consecutive gold and titles in domestic races as well. He also dominated the sports awards held this year. Deepak won the NSJF Pulsar Sports Award, NNIPA Sports Award and Rakhap’s annual award for best male athlete.

Flight of the Palesha

Another player who hit in the year 2080 is Palesha Govardhan. This Para Taekwondo athlete won a historic bronze medal in the 4th Para Asian Games held in China in October.

Similarly, in the Asian selection of the Paris Paralympics held in China, she won gold in the K44 category and was selected for the Paralympics. She became the first Nepalese para athlete to qualify for the Paralympics. Overall, she became the third player to qualify for the Olympics.

Earlier, taekwondo’s Sangina Vaidya and Deepak Bishta had gone through the qualifying stage and played in the Olympics.

Golden Girl Santoshi’s Marathon Gold

Santoshi Shrestha, known as the Golden Girl, not only made her debut in the international marathon competition this year, but also won a medal on her debut. In the Bangabandhu Marathon held in Bangladesh, Santoshi won a historic gold in the women’s marathon for the South Asian side.

Santoshi, who previously competed in middle speed races, won gold in her marathon debut. With the goal of reaching the Olympics, Santoshi said that she was focusing on the marathon recently.

Similarly, she won gold in all the 6 races she participated in Nepal in the last 3 months. She also won gold in women’s 10,000 and 5,000 meters in the first inter-provincial games.

She has won gold in Pokhara Run, Dharan Run, Nepal Army Half Marathon, Lumbini Peace Half Marathon, Run for Protein Half Marathon.

Santoshi, who made history in Nepali athletics by winning gold in the 13th South Asian Games held in Nepal in 2019, was aiming to win a medal in the 19th Asiad as well.

She participated in the 19th Asiad after preparing in Ethiopia but could not perform as expected due to injury. But coming back from injury, she has performed brilliantly this year.

Dominance of Rashila and Sunmaya

Lately, ultra runners of Nepal have been performing well in races held abroad. This year too, Nepal’s female runners won the title in the international competition. Rashila Tamang made history by winning the title of the final event of the Asia Trail Masters Series. She became the first Nepalese runner to win the final series.

Another famous runner, Sunmaya Budha, won the Golden Trail title in China in March.

Apart from Rashila and Sunmaya, other ultra athletes are also participating in international races.

Similarly, Nepal’s Arjun Kulung Rai and Nirmala Rai won the title in Manjushree, Nepal’s longest trail race of 100 miles i.e. 175 km. Both won the title with record times.

This year Manjushree Trace Race was also a qualifying race for Asia Trace Masters, so athletes from different countries participated in it.

While Arjun broke the record in his own name, Nirmal won the title by breaking the record of Anita Rai and her record.

Priya Rai is another famous name in ultra race. She has participated in national and international races. She became Nepal’s number one runner in the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) National League 2023. She won 5 races in 2 months.

Flight of the Samba

In the year 2080, Nepali football was more popular than inside the field. Despite that, Savitra Bhandari Samba, the forward of the Nepali national team, made a record with a historic performance in foreign lands.

Known as Samba, she has completed the milestone of 50 goals for Nepal. In a similar foreign league, she flew to France. At first, Samba, who made a record by being signed in the Israeli league, was then signed to the top division club EA Guigamup of the French league, which is considered the best women’s league in the world. She became the first Nepali footballer to play in the French league. She also scored a goal in the French league.

She gave an excellent performance to bring Nepal to the finals in the WAF Championship held in Saudi Arabia. But she missed the final match against Jordan due to her contract in the professional league. Nepal was defeated in the final by Jordan in a penalty shootout and was deprived of the title.

Rubina’s historic century

Ruveena Chhetri, an experienced member of the Nepali women’s national cricket team, scored a record century this year. She became the first female cricketer from Nepal to score an international century. In the ACC Women’s Premier Cup, Ruvina created a record by scoring a century against Maldives. She became the first Nepali woman cricketer to score a century in T20 international cricket.

She scored 118 runs in 59 balls against Maldives, hitting 10 fours and 5 sixes. Even though Ruvina scored a century, Nepal lost the opportunity to reach the Asia Cup by exiting from the semi-finals.

But later, after ACC increased the number of teams in the Asia Cup, all the four teams that reached the semi-finals of the Premier Cup qualified for the Asia Cup. Nepal is now scheduled to play India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka in June.

Anjan who equaled the record of 13 goals

The performance of Nepal’s men’s football team was not that good this year. Anjan Bisht, the forward of the Nepali national team, equaled the record of scoring the most goals for Nepal, even though the internal dispute of ANFA resulted in the players fleeing abroad and continuous poor performance.

26-year-old Anjan is one of the hardworking players. Despite missing some matches played by Nepal due to injury, Anjan equaled the record of 13 international goals in the name of Hari Khadka and Nirajan Rayamazhi.

Anjan scored 13 individual goals in the home match against Laos during the preliminary stage of the World Cup qualifiers.

Earlier, Hari Khadka scored 13 goals in the beginning. Then in 2008, Nirajan equaled the record. 15 years later, Anjan equaled the record. After Anjan scored against Laos, he has not been able to score for Nepal.

Historic gold for Ruchal in Muwathai

Muay Thai player Gunraj Ruchal won a historic gold in the semi-pro category at the World Muay Thai Championship held in Thailand. Ruchal Muwathai became the first Nepali player to win gold in the semi-pro category.

Ruchal won the gold in the men’s 54 kg weight group in Muwaththai, popularly known as Thai boxing.

Earlier, Palistha Kashpati and Sanjay Rai won the gold for Nepal in the amateur category in muwathai. Sanjay achieved this success in 2017 and Palishtha in 2019.

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