Update your Windows computer immediately to prevent hacking

You need to update your PC immediately. Such weaknesses have been found in previous Windows versions, with the help of which hackers can easily take over your computer.

According to the platform called ‘Life Hacker‘, 149 such security flaws were found in Microsoft. Among them, two zero-day vulnerabilities were found.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are security flaws that can be exploited by hackers or attackers before developers fix them.

In the April 2024 update, the company has resolved these security vulnerabilities. That means if you haven’t installed the latest update, your computer is at high risk of being hacked.

A zero-day proxy driver spoofing vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-26234. According to cyber security firm Sophos, Microsoft did not provide much information about this security flaw.

According to cyber security firm Sophos, there is a problem with a piece of software called ‘proxy driver’. It helps computers talk to each other securely.

Hackers find this software weakness as a way to enter the system. And Microsoft is said to be trying to fix it.

Sophos found a suspicious file and it appears to be linked to a company that makes software to control smartphones. According to analysts, this suspicious file is like a secret door on your computer, and it allows the hacker to control what goes in and out of your Internet connection.

Similarly, another Zero Days Vulnerability is connected with a security feature called Smart Screen. This feature was expected to help protect the computer from malicious files. But hackers have found such a way, they can bend the system and download malicious files on your computer. Your computer does not give any kind of warning while downloading such a file.

So, to solve such problems, you need to update your Windows computer as soon as possible. It is said that your sensitive information will be accessible to the hacker due to this kind of security weakness. However, there is no evidence that the hacker used this security flaw to steal sensitive information. However, it is safer if you update your computer.

How to update Windows?

– First go to settings.

– Then go to the ‘Windows Update’ option. (Use this method for Windows 11)

(In Windows 10, after going to Settings, go to Update and Security and select the Windows Update option.)

After checking the update like this, it has to be installed.

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