Viewers of the popular BBC crime drama Blue Lights notice a confusing detail as it returns.

What did you miss?

As the BBC’s Blue Lights returned for a second season, TV viewers were thrilled. However, some couldn’t help but notice that the show appeared a bit blue.

Monday, April 15, marked the beginning of the drama’s new run, which featured constables Grace (Siân Brooke), Annie (Katherine Devlin), and Tommy (Nathan Braniff). The team’s terrifying public order training exercise began with a bang, as a mob surrounded and petrol bombed the police van, trapping some of the team members inside.

While the action kept fans enthralled, some noticed that the show, which was set in Belfast, had a strong blue tone.

Why, what, and how?

A few people wrote messages on X claiming that everyone had very blue eyes and asking if that was a real observation or if it had been added.

Many of the stars, according to one fan, had “deep” blue eyes. “Has every actor in Blue Lights got beautifully overexaggerated blue eyes, or is it just me?” inquired another viewer.

Another person asked if the actors all wore contact lenses. They clarified, “Because almost every member of the cast has piercing blue eyes.” Another person said, “Their eyes are an Irish kind of shade of blue.”

Someone else commented: “Good to see Blue Lights back, but the colorist and stylist have gone completely OTT by coloring clothes, eyes, walls, doors, cars, badges, gloves, all dark tones basically everything, blue.” They went on, “This is a drama, not a Pepsi commercial.”

Another joker said, “Everything blue except the lights!”

Someone else commented on the color scheme, saying it left them feeling “loving blue lights and the iridescent blue motif running throughout the scenes.”

Viewers of Blue Lights find it difficult not to binge watch
Following the premiere of its first season in 2023, fans hailed the show as “incredible” and dubbed it the new Line of Duty, and it quickly became immensely popular.

As season two got underway, many fans admitted they were tempted to binge watch every episode, but they were making a concerted effort to resist in order to prolong the excitement.

On X, someone wrote: “Now for the difficult choice. Watch it once a week or binge? ” “Part of me really wishes it wasn’t all on iPlayer, as I’m not strong enough to not binge watch it!” stated another person.

“The addictiveness of the binge is once again all too real,” a fan wrote. Another person admitted, “I’ve had to stop binge watching Blue Lights. I’m not sure how long I can hold out.”

Someone else chuckled: “Note to self: – don’t binge watch Blue Lights, don’t binge watch Blue Lights – even though it’s absolutely BRILLIANT.”

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