Why did the deleted photos come back on the iPhone with the iOS update? So says Apple

A few days ago, with the release of iOS 17.5, there was a problem of recovering deleted photos from the iPhone. Now Apple has solved the problem with iOS 17.5.1 version. In addition, the company has revealed the real reason behind the unusual bug.

According to Nine Nine to Five Mac, who writes about Apple, this problem was caused by a ‘corrupt database’ in the file system of the device. Apple says that such databases affect the files on the device. The company has mentioned that such problems do not exist in files synced to iCloud.

A Reddit user accused the company of resetting the photos that appeared due to the bug in iOS 17.5 and selling them to someone else. Apple has responded that it is not possible to do so. According to the company, any photos and files deleted from the device will not be returned.

Apple officials said that those users may not have completed the reset process properly or may have faked it. Similarly, Apple has clarified that the problem of the deleted photos reappearing is for limited users and the company does not have access to the files on the user’s device.

Cyber ​​security researchers have also explained in detail the iOS 17.5.1 update brought to solve this problem by reverse-engineering it. Accordingly, iOS 17.5 used a new migration routine to scan and re-import photos from the file system.

This routine detects deleted photos and sends them to the device’s local file system. As a result, such photos appeared in the gallery of the device. Now the routine has been removed by Apple.

“Looking at the code for iOS 17.5.1, it can be said that the reappeared photos were still in the device’s file system. “It was detected by a migration routine in iOS 17.5,” the security researchers said, “but this analysis alone cannot tell how the photos ended up in the device’s file system.”

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