Why is Nepal Police’s Android app not running?

There is a problem with Nepal Police’s Android app. This app, which has been in operation since 2076 to collect and transmit various types of information and messages, has a problem due to a new update.

Last time, emergency services and other features were added to the app. After this update, the problem is that the app does not work and cannot be downloaded.

The development and management of the app is being done by the Information Technology Directorate of the Nepal Police Headquarters. According to the directorate, the problem has now arisen because the code is not being hosted on the Play Store.

“Earlier, we used to write code in different programming languages for both iOS and Android. This time we wrote the code in Flutter,” said Saroj Shakya, Superintendent of Police of the directorate. “That way, the app could be updated on OEOS and Android at the same time. But the problem has arisen due to the lack of a code host.”

Stating that the problem is in the process of being solved, he said that the new version of the app has user-friendly UI and features. But this app will not be visible in the Google Play Store listing during the update period.

So far, more than 108,000 people are using the Nepal Police app, including 55,228 civilians and 52,970 police personnel. According to the police, 9 thousand 384 incidents have been reported so far through this app.

In this app, police personnel can enter their username and password and common people can register and log in after verification by filling in their name, mobile number, email and address.

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