You can now send photos in HD quality through Messenger

Now it is possible to send HD photos through Messenger like WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, recently posted a post and informed that group photo album and HD photo feature have been introduced in Messenger.

According to Zuckerberg, users can use this feature to send clear and high-quality photos. For that, you need to update the messenger first. After doing this, you have to open the chat box with that person to whom you want to send the photo and select the photo you want to send. After that, an option written ‘HD’ will appear on the top right, tap on it. And, send the photo. By sending this way, your photo will go in HD quality.

Similarly, the shared album feature has also been added to Messenger. According to Meta, users can create albums of photos or videos to share. In addition to managing it, you can view the album as a reminder when needed. For that, you have to go to the messenger and open the chat box of the person you want.

And select multiple photos at once and select the ‘Create Album’ option shown there. Apart from this, after selecting a photo and sending it, you can create an album by tapping on the group of the photo. Also, the feature of sending photos that have already been sent can be placed in a new album.

Meta also provides an option for you to name the album and change it to another name. Photos of such albums can be downloaded one by one or at once. Similarly, Meta says that this feature is suitable for finding albums at any time. It is said that all users will be able to use this feature in the next few weeks.

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